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GENIP Membership

Working together to improve geography education

GENIP has four committed organizations working together to improve geography education. GENIP also works with additional advisors and organizations who share similar mission and vision for improving geography education for all students. 

American Association of Geographers 


 Sarah Bednarz, Professor Emeritus, Texas A&M University
 Michelle Kinzer, Government Relations Manager, AAG


 Alex Diener, Associate Professor, University of Kansas
 Marie Price, Professor, The George Washington University

National Council for Geographic Education 


 Charlie Regan, Executive Director, NCGE

 Larianne Collins, President, NCGE; Lecturer, 

      University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Greg Hill, President-elect; NCGE

      John Horn High School

National Geographic Society


  Suzanne Simons, Senior Director of Curriculum &       Content Innovation
  Carley Lovorn, Regional Director, Educator Network
  Alex Perrotti, Director, Educator Network


Harris Payne

Social Studies Consultant

Contact GENIP:
Mail: GENIP; c/o NCGE, 8555 16th Street, Suite 500
Silver Spring, MD 20910
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